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Welcome to El-Fouad International Schools..

I would like to welcome you to our new website, over the coming years we will continue to develop this website so it becomes a more effective medium of communication and a true reflection of our vision and mission that provide useful information about our programs, activities and future plans.

As accredited schools, we are working continuously on developing ourselves. A major area of development is the curriculum, the heart of our schools, that we have just started a process of developing it.

The vision of El-Fouad International schools states: “to prepare students with the skills necessary to be able to continue their education”. Therefore our curriculum should focus on the skills of the twenty first century. Some of these skills that we will incorporate in our curriculum are, independent learning, critical thinking and creative problem solving; in addition to many others.

“Providing high quality education” as stated in our mission statement, drives us to continuously improve our teaching methods and technology and create a continuous training program for our teachers, so we can make our curriculum alive in each classroom.

I look forward to meet parents, students and staff, and work with you on this challenging but rewarding journey.

Dr. Yousra Abaza

General Manager

General Manager message

About us

El Fouad International School was established in 2005. From its humble beginnings, with an initial intake of 300 students, the School has grown to 2500 students with 500 in the International School and 2000 children in the English Language School. Both sections join together regularly for extra-curricular activities and major events.

About us